2018 6th International Conference on Nano and Materials Science ICNMS 2018
January 15-17, 2018 | Florida Polytechnic University, FL, USA

ICNMS2018 Conference Committees


Conference Chairs

Prof. Ramesh K. Agarwal, Washington University in St. Louis, USA
Prof. Dr. Ridha Ben Mrad, University of Toronto, Canada
Prof. A. R.Al-Ali, American University of Sharjah, UAE

Conference Co-Chair

Prof. Houssain Kettani, Florida Polytechnic University, USA

Technical Program Committee Chairs

Prof. Yong Suk Yang, Pusan National University, Korea
Prof. Chih-Shing (Stan) Wei, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, USA

International Technical Committees

Prof. Devki N. Talwar, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA
Prof. Guo Xinli, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing, China
Prof. Md Mustafizur Rahman, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia
Prof. Faiz Mohammad, Aligarh Muslim University, India
Prof. K, Lawrence DeVries,The University of Utah, USA
Assoc. Prof. Gang Ke, Guangzhou University, China
Assoc. Prof. Recai KUS, Selcuk University, Turkey
Asst. Prof. Dr. Zhao Ping, University of Minnesota, USA
Dr. Qingshan Mu, University Of Texas Health Science Center At Houston, USA
Dr. Francesca Scalisi, University of Palermo, Italy
Dr. Xiaoyi Xu, Stanford university, school of medicine, USA
Dr. Dongsoo Kim, Korea Institute of Materials Science
Dr. M. P. Jahan, Miami University, USA